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Herbal Medicine

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Are you ready to trust in the wisdom of nature to transform your health and wellbeing?

How can herbal medicine help?

Herbalists don't 'treat' disease.  Instead we nurture your body's amazing ability to self-heal.  

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine is our past, present and future in equal doses.  Plant medicines have been used worldwide for thousands of years from the earliest prehistoric times for healing.  Today, the pharmaceutical industry continue to turn to the natural world for inspiration.  They isolate chemicals from plants to develop drugs that help to relieve symptoms of disease.  The hope for the future is that plants hold cures to the worlds most stubborn diseases. 

Medical herbalists believe that using the whole plant as a medicine is also effective and safe as we have co-

evolved with plants.  The cells of bodies are biologically familiar with the cacophony of natural chemicals found in plants.  Many whole herb preparations, that have undergone the rigors of a scientific clinical trial, have been found to be safe and effective.  Other plants are still awaiting their ‘validation’ from the scientific community but continue to be respected and adored by herbalists who rely on hundreds of years of clinical observation to justify their use.  


Whole herb preparations come in the form of a blend of dried herbs usually taken as a tea or powder.  There are also liquid preparations such tinctures, these are herbs that have been extracted in alcohol and water.  The addition of alcohol enables the extraction of additional chemicals not found in teas.  Topical applications include creams and ointments.  The ability of the skin to work as a gateway for herbs entering the body is becoming increasingly recognised.             

How can herbal medicine help

Is Herbal Medicine for you?

Herbal Medicines have been used worldwide, for thousands of years.  Perhaps you've been diagnosed with an illness, like the ones listed below, or would just like to 'fine tune' your well-being? 

Herbal Medicine is for you, it's for everyone!

Skin problems (psoriasis, acne and eczema)

Gut problems (ulcers, colitis, IBS, indigestion and heartburn)

Heart & circulatory issues (angina, high blood pressure & varicose veins)

Gynaecological disorders (premenstrual syndrome & menopausal problems)

Allergies (hay fever and asthma)

Other Conditions (stress, arthritis, insomnia, headaches and migraines)

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Hanging Herbs

If you're not  sure if Herbal medicine is right for you book your're free consultation to find out more and start your first steps to better health today!

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