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Success Stories

Elizabeth . London

Herbal Medicine

I honestly couldn't have asked for more thorough level of care.  From the beginning Sophie listened to me, asked the right questions and came to a very thoughtful conclusion about which herbs to prescribe.  After struggling with very bad tonsillitis and having had lots of antibiotics I wanted try a herbal approach.  I felt totally confident in Sophie and her knowledge was incredible.  The herbs arrived swiftly, follow up consultations were equally as helpful.  

Sally. Manchester

Herbal Medicine

Sophie has worked with me for a number of years regarding my female irregularities, not only prescribing herbs for me to take at various times in my cycle, but offering invaluable food advice which i have incorporated into my diet with success. 


I found this a challenge at first, but we were in regular contact on zoom and telephone calls and she sent me recipes so i could try the foods in, so it didn't feel so overwhelming. 


We have follow up sessions at regular intervals to monitor my progress and she will sometimes alter my dosage and gradually introduce new herbs when i need them from things i have noted in my food diary. 


Sophie explains things well and will send me articles of interest to explain it in a different way and from this i have had a role in controlling my own healthcare, rather than being told what to do as I have by other practitioners.

Eileen . London

Herbal Medicine

Sophie is really good at prescribing the appropriate remedy for your ailment.  I have been taking her prescribed herbal medicine which has greatly helped my energy.
I’m grateful for her expertise.

Margaret . Chorley


My acupuncture sessions with Sophie really helped my broken wrist!  After each session I found that I had less pain and more movement.  This meant I could do my re-hab exercises more easily and get back to full strength faster. 

Susan . London

Nutrition & Herbal Medicine

After I had shingles I was very run down catching all sorts of bugs.  I thought Sophie could help me with my nutrition to improve my immune system.  It was amazing!!  Not only did I stop catching bugs but problems I had for years went away.  I started sleeping through the night, my itchy skin improved.  The most amazing thing was for as long as I can remember I've suffered with crippling migraines that would put me in bed for days at a time.  I've not had any migraines like that since seeing Sophie for the last 4 years.  I don't need to take the herbs everyday now but I know they are there if I need them and I keep up with the nutrition advice as much as I can.      


I'm passionate about the powerful effects of nutrition and herbal medicines on our health and well-being.

My goal is to help you get back to your best, everyone deserves to enjoy life with the vitality we were born with.


I have a 'food first' attitude towards nutrition and  will support you with simple, whole food family plans and recipes.

No fad diets allowed!

The herbs I prescribe are ethically sourced, they are wild crafted and, where possible, organic.

My ultimate aim is to empower you to take control of your health and well-being with a gentle nudge towards our natural place, within nature. 

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