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Herbal Medicine

What is herbal medicine?

The art and science of using plants as medicines.

How can herbal medicine help?

Why see a Medical Herbalist?

Because your're ready to take control of your health, trust in nature to nurture your healing and excited about connecting to the plants growing in our hedgerows and woodlands. 


As a Medical herbalist I have access to high quality herbs which my training allows me to combine in formulas designed for your specific needs.  Many herbs are only supplied to qualified herbalists and can't be sold in health food stores or over the internet.  My training ensures I'm educated in biomedical sciences as well as conventional diagnostic skills.  So I can safely prescribe for you, even if you are taking medication. The tradition of herbal medicine ensures I'm skilled at taking a holistic approach to wellness. I'll root out causes of disease while supporting your healing.


In addition to my degree in Herbal Medicine I have a BANT recognised diploma in Nutritional Therapy.  So, if your food choices are affecting your health a tailored nutrition plan could be a part of your health strategy.  

What happens during a consultation?

The first consultation is all about you, it is an in depth interview about your past and current health.  I'll want to hear about your health goals so, together, we can work out a strategy to reach those goals.  With your permission, a physical examination might be carried out or tests recommended.  An example of an examination is a blood pressure reading or listening to your breathing with a stethoscope.  I'll want to know if you're eating to support your health and might make dietary recommendations.     

Your health plan and your herbal prescription will be unique to your needs.  Follow up consultations will also be recommended so I can make changes to your prescription based on your progress. 

Book your free mini consultation

Herbs and Condiment

If you're not sure if herbal medicine is right for you book a free mini consultation to find out how you can begin to make positive changes today!   

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